Genetic Evaluation

Reliable data and breeding values for each animal guarantee predictable economic success.

vit in genetic evaluation

Quick access to breeding values

vit is known worldwide as one of the leading national genetic evaluation authorities.

The objective of genetic evaluation is to estimate an animal’s genetic potential by using all relevant performance data and seperating out the hereditary from the non-hereditary environmental influences. The estimated genetic potential of an animal is called its estimated breeding value (EBV), which provides breeders with a tool for reliable selection decisions. A reliable EBV depends first and foremost on comprehensive and accurate performance and pedigree data. The vit data pools of DHI, herdbook and AI provide the perfect basis. Furthermore vit is running the genomic cattle database 'Rind-Genom-DB' with SNP-marker information of some 200,000 genotyped cattle (predominant Holsteins) as the basis for genomic evaluations, identification of specific genetic traits and parentage check and discovery.