Genetic evaluation for other species

vit is responsible for the integrated genetic evaluation on behalf of the FN for all warmblood horse breeding associations in Germany, providing a summarizing genetic assessment of all traits generated from equestrian sport events and broodmare and stallion performance tests. vit carries out genetic evaluation for horses once a year.

A detailed description of the evaluation including model, data base, definition of traits and publishing procedures can be found in the following PDF file.


On behalfe of AI center 'Schweinebesamung Bethen' vit estimates breeding values for Pietran and BHZP/PIC boars since 2008.

The key traits are daily gain and lean meat percentage.

For sheep a routine genetic evaluation has been introduced in 2014 for reproduction, fattening and conformation traits. 

vit estimates on behalfe of VDL (Federation of German sheep breeding associations) EBV for 25 sheep breeds based on field data.

On behalfe of 'Deutschen Retriever-Club e.V.' vit developed a genetic evaluation for Elbow and Hip Dysplasia. First internal results are provided in 2018.