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software-solutions for horse breeding associations, customers, breeders and stallion owners

Information and service

The application system PFERD from vit supports the work of horsebreeders and breeding associations. It offers comprehensive functions for all aspects of horse breeding such as studbook keeping, performance testing, breeding, foal registration, stallion licensing, general registration and approval.

The PFERD application also provides sport data as important additional information. The vit horse breeding database contains data on some 5 million horses. 85% of all breeding horses in Germany are managed online by more than 20 breeding associations using PFERD.

The databases of PFERD form the basis for the genetic evaluations vit carries out and runs for all competition horses in Germany on behalf of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN) or on behalf of horse breeding associations.

In addition to the breeding functions, PFERD also integrates modules for association administration such as person and membership administration, premium computation, auction billing and service station management. PFERD presents the Stallion Directory online and offers an online entry system. PFERD provides the best possible support for the workflow in horse breeding associations and is very userfriendly. vit has recently, with close involvement of our customers, redesigned PFERD to use the best available computing tools and to provide the best possible support for our customers┬┤ operations.

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