Fields of Activities

Information and service

vit works for agricultural organizations involved in performance recording, artificial insemination and breeding. vit operates a shared data processing system including integrated specialist applications and a standardized data inventory on their behalf. Operational and breeding management are focal points of the vit service.


The following list provides an overview over the fields of activities of vit


  • milk recording
  • data processing
  • herdbook keeping
  • artificial insemination recording
  • herd information and management reporting


  • Studbook keeping

Genetic evaluation

  • dairy cattle
  • beef cattle
  • horses
  • pigs
  • sheep

Animal identification

  • regional branch of the nationwide animal traceability and information system HI-Tier
  • farmer address data authority for Lower Saxony
  • service provider for regional offices and address data authority in other German federal states

Sheep and goats

  • herdbook keeping
  • performance recording
  • breeding records for farmers


  • recording and analysis for producer associations