Our Company

vit for the future with up-to-date information

We are vit – an innovative IT-company comprising a data center, software development team and providing expert advice. Our activities are focused on meeting our customers´ requirements. 

Service and data from a single source

vit is an internationally recognized, competent information provider for animal husbandry and breeding. Service and data from a single source – this is what vit offers owners and breeders of cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs.

Our offering is designed to contribute to the success of our customers´ services especially in breeding and performance recording. We enable them to strengthen their position in the market. Our ability to combine and analyze multiple databases enables their services to perfectly combine all aspects of animal husbandry including breeding, animal welfare, animal health and resource usage.

The vit-vision

Information is the key to success – vit produces both to be the leading information provider for animal husbandry and breeding. Our members are organizations of farmers, and they are the foundation of vit.

Our Goals are

  • Supporting agricultural organisations by providing IT services
  • Central Computer Applications for Agricultural and Related Organizations
  • Development of software for PC and mobile applications for agricultural organizations
  • Surplus to be invested in newer technologies, development of new software and improvement of service quality

Focused on quality

Comprehensive preparation is the key to providing valuable information - because it is much more than just technology. It depends on the correct and purposeful handling of the data. vit processes all data neutrally and in accordance with the best national and international guidelines. In this way vit ensures maximum data quality and the information provided by vit is both reliable and comparable.

vit focuses on quality, and ISO accreditation and the ICAR quality certificate confirm vit's performance.

Our structure

The group of companies made up of vit, nlb (Neue Landbuch Gesellschaft) and rzv (Rechenzentrum Verden) is focused on providing information services to agriculture. Within this group, the profit-making and registered association vit w.V. is the company that provides information solutions for animal husbandry and breeding. Its members are state recording associations (LKV), insemination co-operatives and cattle as well as horse breeding associations. They send their own members – practicing farmers and horse breeders – as well as employees as their representatives and delegates to sit on the supervisory boards of vit. The guiding principle of vit is to maintain economic efficiency. This maxim benefits both, our members and customers, by ensuring a consistently high quality service at a fair price. 

vit operates on a non-profit base

Surplus is invested in the development of new and enhanced data processing systems and services.