vit for pigs

Pig Production

Pig production data is processed in the vit department "Genetic Evaluation" .

Economic Control in Weaner Production and Swine Fattening

Biologic and economic data of weaner production and swine fattening farms in Lower Saxony (advised commercial herds) are yearly transferred to vit to get results in cost control. 
In the end of the year together with the advising organisations the vit works out the so called "Berichte aus Verden", a report including the most relevant results of economic control data in weaner production and swine fattening.

Performance Tests of Pigs on Station

Progeny and halfsib groups of breeding herds are tested on stations. 
Data of fattening and carcass traits are weekly transferred to the vit. The data are computed immidiately to get actual results in the performance of young sires.