Data security

Modern and failureresistant IT-infrastructure

rzv Rechenzentrum Verden GmbH

rzv Rechenzentrum Verden GmbH regards itself as service provider for the different, specialized vit-departments and their customers, supervising and maintaining the whole technical infrastructure (hardware, system software, local and decentralized networks, electricity, climate, facility security etc.) on the business premises in Verden.

Officially certified for protection and safety aspects

In the past years, the dependence of companies on failsafe operating information systems has become more and more important. This is the reason rzv has upgraded and expanded its information system structure according to latest security standards and methods to ensure a general 24/7 operating mode for our customer organizations. The computer center rzv was certified in accordance with the protection and safety aspects of “TÜV PROFI CERT geprüftes Rechenzentrum (tested data center) / Planning – Design – Operation, level 3”. Importance was attached to an economic approach when it comes to technology supply, improvement of energy efficiency and to minimizing operating costs.

Failureresistant data security

The special requirements for a safe and secure physical server and network operation were specifically considered during planning and implementation. The following stipulations were followed:

  • Conformity with the relevant stipulations issued by the responsible Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as Property and Access Protection, based on the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).
  • Observing quality standards such as for security management as is laid down in ISO27001 and security measures as laid down in ISO27002.
  • Assessment of computer center infrastructure in conformity with „TÜVIT / Trusted Site“.
  • Compliance with the provisions of VdS (association of property insurers) in accordance with directive VdS 2007 (damage prevention).
  • Consideration of recommendations and stipulations of Uptime-Institute, particularly when it comes to equipment of supply technology according to the standards of BITKOM Matrix A - E and Tier I - Tier IV level.
Modern backup solutions in case of emergency

There are two rooms available for the server systems to provide mutual backup solutions in case of emergency. An independent data security room is available for all database backups. Standard backup method is to run daily full backup sessions of all important data, including duplication and outsourcing of significant data with a Verden bank. Server rooms and technical area are protected by access control and are also video monitored, just as is done with the whole company premises.

An MSR-system (measurement, process and control technology) and appropriate monitoring systems ensure permanent supervision of infrastructure. The technical area was hooked up to an emergency power system (NEA diesel generator) to protect the power supply. Power outage due to power supply problems can be bridged for days. A redundant Internet connection provides failure-proof connection to the customer organizations via virtual private network (VPN) as well as for the end users of NETRIND-applications. The staff of the user service with rzv provides a smooth system operation.