Successful horse breeding

  • user-friendly interface
  • up-to-date data
  • individual solutions

Successful horse breeding PFERD from vit offers comprehensive functions for all aspects of horse breeding such as studbook keeping, performance testing, breeding, foal registration, stallion licensing, general registration and approval.


Stud book keeping with PFERD

The basic module provides an efficient registration of horses and helps building up a database for the breeding work. Not only the data quality is our concer, but also an efficient support of work flow.


As part of the stud book registry PFERD offers
  • management of the coverings and foal births
  • organisation of breeding events (show entries, catalog preparation etc.)
  • integration of information on sport performances
  • management of customer information and relationships
  • automatic flow of DNA-analysis

At the moment there are more than 20 breeding organisations affiliated with more than 57,000 members and round about 5 million horses

Locally management of auctions AUKTION has been developed by vit to facilitate the settlement of horse auctions. With the web application the organizers of horse auctions are supported in online settlement and controlling with modern technology. Key informations from PFERD (like addresses of the buyers, auction horses) can be directly used and maintained online by an authorized group of users. After the auctions, sales information will automatically be transferred to PFERD.

The feature includes:
  • Setup of auction events
  • Definition of settlement groups (foals, riding horses, ...)
  • Administration of the auction offers (including sellers)
  • Generating and printing of invoices (buyers and sellers)
  • Summary statistics and netting settlement within settlement groups

vit for mobile data entry



With the android-app ‚ PFERD DeDroid‘ vit offers another opportunity for mobile data entry. Main function of this app is the entry of linear described characteristics for horses. The entered data can be send to the central breeding application PFERD. 

Analysis and breeding statistics ANALYTICS offers the opportunity to create analysis and breeding statistics for horse-data as well as for members at any time – for current data and for historical data.