Online horse breeding management

vit for mobile breeding application

Online portals, presentation of collections, data transmission

Presentation in the public web

This module allows the integration of video, photo and text to the stud book data and the presentation in the public web. Presenting of specific horse groups, e.g. auction horses, is possible. Our most popular example of PRÄSENTATION is the stallion directory. Approved stallions can be published on the associations website. Latest news: Some breeding associations offer the stallion directory in responsive design - views are optimized for tablet and smartphone.


Users can select stallions for example by their location or the type of service. Detailed information on the stallions can be found when searching by their name.
The benefits of the internet-based stallion directory are obvious.
All users have direct access to the main horse data of your improved stallions.

vit for service

This is an application for horse breeding association in order to allow internet users to register as a web user and to offer several online services in various languages to this web user.

The application ZüchterOnline  offers currently the following features:
  • Registration as a web user
  • View on the own horses (e.g. listed breeding mares and stallions, foals, auction horses and so on)
  • Upload of horse pictures
  • Search for a horse and its main breeding informations
  • Online registration for events like stud book inspection, auction, foal identification and so on
  • Online registration of breeding mares
  • Online membership registration
  • Online foal birth registration
  • PDF-documents for own horses
  • Subscription for a service, e.g. magazine
  • View on the ordered service
  • Collection of direct debit and credit card information
  • Management of passwords and addresses

Family informations

The application STUTENSTAMM for the horse breeding association to represent dam line information. Horses can be merged under a founding mare as a dam family. Information on the dam family can be presented. The dam line of newborn foals is updated automatically.


The application STUTENSTAMM summarizes
  • dam line information for a given UELN/ life number
  • information about a family on the basis of the stud book data and the auction information
  • progeny performance in breeding and sport
  • successful horses by discipline
  • special sport results

Your stallion owners become vit

As a breeding association you can assist your stallion owners in the registration of coverings within the stud book.


The application
  • is easily accessible for stallion owners via internet
  • allows the stallion owners to directly access your mare data
  • allows the stallion owners to monitor their acitivties (lists, statistics, overviews)
  • synchronizes the covering information with the stud book data.

Foal birth online

With the web-based software ABFOHLMELDUNG breeding associations can offer their breeders the opportunity to send the foals data of birth or resorbing online to the breeding association. The application can be integrated into the associations homepage. The entered data will be directly saved in the central breeding application PFERD – so there is no use to enter the birth data again. Even less internet-oriented breeders can enter the data – the user-friendly handling, instructions and verifications ensure an easy entering as well as a high data quality. The responsive design of ABFOHLMELDUNG offers the opportunity to enter the foal data via smartphone or tablet.