Milk recording

Our customers

Our customers are DHI organizations from germany and luxembourg. They provide there services to 13,000 farms and 1,7 million cows. (individual farmsize up to 3,000 cows).

Our offer
  • special software for data collection during milkrecording at the farm (IMMEandroid)
  • lab-software for the connecting of animal data with analyzes
  • all incoming data are directly checked against existing data in our central database
  • connecting of milkrecording data with herdbook and AI data
  • direct reporting to farmer as
    • Internet application (Netrind) added by a mobile solution for android
    • files for herdmanagement software are provided
    •  paper based reports are posted daily, 6 days a week
  • hugh range of services for all kind of internal statistics
  • services for payroll and post billing

The following Milk Recording Organizations are using our Service: