Herdbook keeping

Support and high quality data for herdbook keeping

In the center of our service offer stands the care and handling of the herdbook files and the support in selling and showing of animals. 
With our selection programm we offer a decisive help to the cattle breeding associations for making up and realizing their breeding aim. 
Besides, with a range of evaluations, statistics, the management of co-operative members and the settling of membership fees we offer a diverse support in administration work. 
Having questions to matters of our daily work or special problems, our customers can rely on competent contact persons any time.

Data Processing

  • We convey the data processing "herdbook keeping" for almost 2,05 million cows and nearly 11.561 farms for 17 cattle breeding associations.
  • We take care of all Holstein and Red-Holstein breeding sociations in Germany and Luxembourg.
  • The basis of herdbook keeping is the tight connection of data betweeen milk recording and cattle insemination. Due to the milk recording, the calf registration and the performance research of cows is realized. The cattle insemination records ensure the certain fatherly pedigree.

Herdbook Files

The care and handling of the central herdbook files of the vit encloses more than 60 million cattle. All cattle data is offered to the breeding associations on recall for:

  • Pedigrees
  • Breeding Papers
  • Auction Catalogues
  • Vet Lists
  • Selections and much more

Sales promotion

We support the work of the herdbook associations for the procedure of sale and show events in a diverse way: 

  • Application of Animals for all Kinds of Events
  • Making up Collections of Animals
  • Making up Patterns for Auction- and Show Catalogues
  • Making up Salesmen Directories, Breeding Papers and Vet Lists

In addition we offer a fully into the dialogue-herdbook keeping integrated PC-programm with data transfer, buyer and salesmen settlement and transfer of all sales data to the central vit database.


With our selection programms we offer important decisive helps to the cattle breeding associations for making up and realizing their breeding aim. We offer:

  • Selection of young cattle, heifer and bull dams
  • Making up mating documents
  • Selection for progeny evaluation and herdbook classification

The breeding associations are able to use our programms for the selection of animals-for sale (especially for export).