Artificial Insemination

Data Processing

The fundament of our data processing is the central vit-database, in which all information from the subjects of milk recording, herdbook keeping and cattle insemination is stored. The clear registration of all farms and animals enables a direct data exchange within the different applications.


In the first years, breeding evaluations were the primary aims in the processing of insemination data. But more and more the administration techniques and exercises moved into the center of our service offer and nowadays make up a major part of our daily work. 
With our service of today, which consists of batch- and dialogue applications, we support the AI-studs in terms of invoicing for insemination and semen-selling, the semen stock management, the administration of bulls and bull dams, routine and special evaluations as well as the management of co-operative members. 


The insemination data is received daily either by modem, filetransfer or posted disks (it depends on the used hardware of our client - the AI-Stud). The insemination data is seized either with mobile Computers like notebooks, laptops or other personal computers. 

Before the invoices are created and processed the data is properly verified:

  • Incorrect inseminations are not processed and are provided to the AI-stud on lists and dialogue (online-application) for further corrections.
  • The correct inseminations are collected daily for the invoicing and provided for other applications like milk recording, herdbook keeping and estimation of breeding value.

The invoicing itself happens every 2 or 4 weeks due to regulations of each AI-stud and its in the invoicing programm deposited duties. The following services are provided:

  • Debit Items and Invoices for the Farmers
  • Duty- and Honorarium Settlement for the Inseminators
  • All-in-all Settlement for the AI Stud
  • Creation of File Transfer Sets on Request.

The invoicing of the daily sold semen to members and other AI-studs seized by dialogue happens just the same way. The seized datasets by dialogue are already controlled precisely at the stage of entering so that before invoicing no further control is needed.

Semen Stock Management

Laboratory data management

With the laboratory data management, the daily research data is entered via dialogue while extracting the semen:

  • For each bull and covering day a semen statement is done in which the semen volume, the density, mass movement, forward movement and possible addings to the semen are listed.
  • The number of theoretically possible portions and the necessary dilution are worked out by the software and shown on the screen.
  • In the next steps the forward movement and intensity of the semen after dilution/deep freezing is entered.
  • The stockpiled portions are enlisted together with the storage number and ejaculate number to the semen stock..
  • Parallel to the semen statement it is possible to seize the morphological traits of the ejaculate
Stockpile data management

With the stockpile data management the following exercises can be fulfilled:

  • The entries and exits and the actual amount per bull in storage is computed by data from the own semen production, purchases from other AI-studs, releases to own inseminators and semen for own stock inseminators, sales and destruction of semen portions.
  • Every single movement in the storage is saved and shown in the dialogue application.
  • Besides, the actual stock, the stock at the beginning of the year as well as the total amount of all entries and exits are shown on screen.
  • Seizing of semen sales and releases to own inseminators and own stock inseminators and producing of the delivering papers. The bookings are done simultanously in all semen stock files so that the actual semen stock for the bull as well as for each inseminator is shown on screen right away.
Stock management at the inseminators

In addition to the management of laboratory and stockpile data we also offer stock management at the inseminators:

  • The semen stock in the container of an inseminator is the result of the stock at the beginning of the insemination year, the deliverings, returns, losses and the consumption of single portions for insemination.
  • The seizing of all starting stocks, deliverings, returns, losses and inventory data happens with special PC-software and/or dialogue-masks.
  • The consumption is calculated out of the inseminations delivered for invoicing.
  • The actual semen stock per bull at each inseminator can be recalled on screen. AI-studs that use distance data transfer via modem to dispatch insemination records daily have a superview on available semen portions amoung every inseminator anytime.
  • At the end of each insemination year the annual balance is made up, in which the inventory results and the theoretical stock are compared - the difference is calculated. A presentation of all evaluation groups is following.

Bull Dam Base Data

The data of the selected bull dams of an AI-stud is dispatched into the bull dam file and updated with further details for mating via online-dialogue.
After the birth of the calf further information is entered and following forms and lists are created:

  • First Examination of the Calf
  • Application Forms for Blood Group Determination
  • Lists for the Bookkeeping and Insurance
  • Take over and Hand over Declarations