Genetic evaluation for dairy cattle

Comprehensive information can be found in the PDF-file you can download here:

Description of genetic evaluation 

Next publication dates for main evaluations with update of all domestic and international animals:

  • 1st December 2020
  • 7th April 2021 (Wednesday because of Easter holidays)
  • 10th August 2021
  • 7th December 2021

New active AI bulls are updated on 1st Tuesday every week from the weekly genomic evaluation inbetween the main evaluations.

vit publishes a CD-ROM with all official breeding values for Holstein, Red Holstein R&W dual purpose, Angler/RDC, German Friesians (DSN) and Jersey bulls after every main evaluation run in April, August and December. The CD includes 17 language versions. There are selection and ranking functions on all traits.
CDs are shipped latest one day after publication for 10 Euro per BULLI-CD (incl. shipping).

For subscription: Send an email with 'BULLI-CD' as keyword and your full postal address in the text to (subscription can be terminated at any time by email but latest 10 days before shipping of next CD).

Official results

Data base German AI bulls (bull search)

Included are all A.I. bulls from Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. You can find individual bulls or select bulls for every individual trait or a combination of traits at the same time. Every individual bull can be printed as catalogue page. Click on "bull database" to be connected.

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Toplists German AI bulls

Genomic, daughter proven, high reliability

Toplists by RZG and RZ€

 genomicgenomicdaughterprovendaughterprovenhigh reliabilityhigh reliability
Red HolsteinRED_HOL_genomicRED_HOL_genomicRED_HOL_activeRED_HOL_activeRED_HOL_99%RED_HOL_99%
Angler/Red Dairy Cattle  RDC_active RDC_99% 
Red&White dual purpose (DN)  DN_active DN_99% 
Jersey (for RZM)  Jersey_active Jersey_99% 


Toplists cows and female heifers/calves

Published two days after publication of results for AI bulls. Official toplists published on behalve of German Livestock Association (BRS) for highest genotyped female herdbook animals alive/active and min. 9 month old at publication date.

Breed toplists by total merit gRZG of all female alive/active herdbook animals with age min. 9 month:

HolsteinRed Holstein
Top-500 gRZGTop-150 gRZG
Top-500 gRZ€Top-150 gRZ€

Toplists separate for cows and heifers/calves by trait composite

Cows (100 HOL+30 RED HOL) Heifers/calves (100 HOL+30 RED HOL)
Total Conformation (gRZE)Total Conformation (gRZE)
Total health (gRZhealth)Total health (gRZhealth)

Database international bulls

Click 'bull database' to be connected to the database with all international and national AI bulls

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Interbull top lists (incl. german bulls)

breed                                 Int.-toplists daughterprovenInt.-toplists genomic
HolsteinHOL daughHOL genomic
Red HolsteinRED HOL daughRED HOL genomic
Angler / Red Dairy CattleRDC daugh 
Red&White dual purpose (DN)DN daugh 
JerseyJersey daugh 


Haplotype status AI bulls

vit provides on behalfe of the German Livestock Association (BRS) lists of German and foreign genotyped Holstein AI bulls with results for Holstein Haplotypes HH1-HH5 and for Cholesterol Deficiency (CD). Results are either
- direct results on the base of identified and analyzed mutations (results with extension ‚**F‘ for ‚free‘ resp. ‘**C’ for ‚carrier‘)
- or imputed i.e. indirect results (results with extension ‚**N‘ for ‚non-carrier‘ resp. ‘**P’ for ‘probably positive’)

There are separate list for domestic and foreign bulls:


Haplotype_status_for_foreign_A.I._bulls_used_in Germany.pdf

Lists are sorted in alphabetic order. They can be searched e.g. by bull name or bull ID using ‘ctrl+F’.

Data quality at its best

On behalve of the dairy cattle breeding associations in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg vit evaluates all economically important traits for Holstein, Red Holstein, Red Dairy Cattle  (Angler), Red&White dual purpose (DN), Black&White Friesians (DSN) and Jersey breed three times a year based on own and offspring performance data (classical genetic evaluation). Genomic breeding values for all traits are calculated weekly for Holstein and Red Holstein and provided/published for new animals.

vit is the responsible authority for the data exchange with the international genetic evaluation at INTERBULL for all mentioned breeds. Since 1996, vit has also been evaluating breeding values for beef cattle breeds. The three Baltic countries and Poland are working with vit applications within the framework of a co-operation for genetic evaluation for dairy cattle populations.