A day in the life of our developer Leni Schneider

08:00 a.m.: Leni enters the office. A few colleagues have already been sitting at the keyboard for two hours and working on a wide variety of projects. After Leni has got her first cup of coffee, she starts reading, answering and writing the mails. A lot has happened since she left the office yesterday at 3:30 p.m.!

09:00 a.m.: The first meeting of the day is scheduled. Leni goes to the team office and exchanges ideas with his development colleagues at the daily stand-up meeting (we call it the Daily). What was special yesterday? What difficulties did she encounter, what solutions did she find and where does she need the support of her team? The team is listening with excitement, and they are getting a lot of advice.

09:15 a.m.: Leni takes her first look at the ticket system and sees what exciting tasks the day will bring for her. She takes a bugfix ticket with high priority and starts with the error. Once Leni has detected the error, she begins to correct it in source code.

10:55 am: The error is fixed! Leni checks in her code and sets her ticket to "finished processing" - the way is clear for the quality assurance, the code review, by her colleagues!

11:00 a.m.: Leni grabs paper and pen and fetches her colleagues from the keyboard - It's time for backlog maintenance! In plain language, this means that the specialist departments and customers of the software present their new wishes to the developers. They have formulated these as clearly as possible in tickets. Leni and her developer colleagues check every requirement very carefully and give the "go" for fully formulated tickets for which everyone has developed a common understanding. These can be estimated later.

12:15 p.m.: Lunch break! Leni goes to the canteen and eats together with her colleagues.

12:45 p.m.: Freshly strengthened, Leni grabs a story for a code review. She inspects the code of a colleague and makes the strengths of the code her own. In the review she tells her colleagues about weaknesses in the code - because we learn from mistakes!

1:30 p.m.: After Leni has adapted the code, she checks in the new version again and it's already time for the third meeting for today - the guessing! The team sits together, goes through all the stories that have been discussed again and awards points to show the effort involved in implementing the code. In the course of the sprint change, these points are used to measure how much the team is planning for the next sprint.

3:00 p.m.: From guessing to Leni's last meeting today. Once in the sprint, we take time for an exchange of knowledge. The team sits down and discusses a selected topic. Today it's an architectural topic. Since this topic is not one of Leni's strengths, she is delighted that her colleague Thomas is sharing his knowledge with her and the team and can respond in detail to the team's questions.

4:30 p.m.: That was a busy day for Leni, tomorrow she has more time for programming. She packs her things and looks forward to the tasks of the next day. Today's meetings have optimally prepared her for tomorrow's tasks. In her head, she goes through what she wants to do first tomorrow, while she brings her cup to the canteen.