We are looking for you

Training or studies? You've come to the right place!
It doesn't matter whether you want to do an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development or are aiming for a dual course of study. We offer both possibilities.
 "We make you vit"

The training period is 3 years. Under certain conditions it is also possible to shorten the training to 2.5 years.

Training - We make you fit for vit

The odds speak for themselves.

Many of our former trainees are still with us. This gives you the opportunity, after completing your training, to pursue the profession you have learnt with us, to further your education in your field of interest or to study afterwards - of course with us part-time.

Flexible - also in the choice of vocational school

This has the advantage that you can also decide at which vocational school you would like to complete your training. We currently cooperate with three vocational schools in northern Germany.

What we expect from our trainees:

  •     Admission to technical college or Abitur
  •     Logical and analytical thinking skills
  •     Interest in new technologies and software development
  •     Ability to work in a team and commitment
  •     Willingness to learn and perform

You have no previous knowledge in Java, HTML/CSS etc.? No problem! Everything you need to get started with us we will teach you in the three years.