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Genetic Evaluation

vit carries out routine genetic evaluations for dairy cattle and beef cattle (and for horses and pigs). As genetic evaluation at vit is certified according to ISO 9001 highest standards for quality management and documentation is guarantied.

Results from genetic evaluation runs are published by vit for dairy cattle (via internet or BULLI-CD) and beef cattle (via Internet).

Dairy Cattle

Here You will find all information on the evaluation system as well as the breeding values for the breeds

  • Holsteins
  • Red Holsteins
  • Red&White dual purpose
  • Angler (Red Breed)
  • Jersey

In addition all information on German A.I. bulls are available on BULLI-CD. They include all official EBV's. The BULLI-CD includes 8 language versions, additional pedigree information as well as sorting/selection functions.

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Beef Cattle

In 1996 vit developed and introduced genetic evaluation for purebred beef breeds. Evaluation includes the breeds Charolais, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Salers, Angus, Hereford, Simmental (beef) and Uckermärker. Evaluation includes field data and data from test station.
Detailed information on the evaluation system and the national top lists per breed can be found in subpage 'Beef cattle breeding values' (click left)