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Milk Recording

Data Processing

  • We convey the data processing "milk recording" for about. 1.56 million cows and 18,600 farms in 9 milk recording organizations (Landeskontrollverband, DHI).
  • The office in Verden works for the organizations of Lower-Saxony, Bremen, Luxemburg (since 1981) and Hessen (since 1990) and since 1994 for the organizations in former Eastern Germany (Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Berlin-Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony).
  • There are major differences in size and structure of the farms within the connected milk recording organizations. The average number of dairy cows on a farm attended in the Western Part 55, whereas the farms Eastern Germany have an average of 224.
  • The data transfer of the milk recording agencies to the VIT takes place via telecommunication through the network of the local telecom enterprise by nearly 100% of all milk recording data (PC-to-PC-communication or mailbox).
  • We support the milk recording organizations (DHI) with the registration of calf births of the female progeny. In addition to the milk sampling we record the declarations of calving as well as the registration numbers of the female calves. The seized data is instantly transmitted together with the DHI data to the VIT.
  • Due to the combination of the already existing data of the VIT the birth-declaration for the central database is set up. In that way a solid base for the electronic herdbook keeping is created, because all data of the pedigree and the identification can be provided right after birth.
  • On the basis of the monthly milk sampling, we carry out the performance calculations for dairy cattle.
  • At vit the delivered data is processed daily (from Monday to Saturday) and the established results are send out immediately to the farms in direct-dispatch afterwards.
  • Beyond that we provide a wide range of information for the DHI organizations as normal service or on special request.

The following Milk Recording Organizations are using our Service:

  • Landeskontrollverband Niedersachsen-Bremen
  • Landeskontrollverband Weser-Ems
  • Hessischer Verband für Leistungs- u. Qualitätsprüfung in der Tierzucht
  • Landeskontrollverband Brandenburg
  • Landeskontrollverband f. Leistungs- u. Qualitätsprüfung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Landeskontrollverband f. Leistungs- u. Qualitätsprüfung Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Landeskontrollverband Sachsen
  • Thüringer Verband f. Leistungs- u. Qualitätsprüfung in der Tierzucht
  • Fédération des Herdbooks Luxembourgeois