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Data Processing

  • We convey the data processing "herdbook keeping" for almost 1.8 million cows and nearly 18.600 farms for 17 cattle breeding associations in 25 offices.
  • We take care of all Holstein and Red-Holstein breeding associations in Germany and Luxembourg.
  • Already since 1968 our department is working on data processing concerning herdbook keeping.
  • Since 1981 we offer the dialogue-herdbook keeping by distance data transfer. At first this offer was demanded by the "Herdbuchgesellschaft Emsland (HGE)" (herdbook keeping society). A little bit later the dialogue-herdbook keeping was introduced at the Zuchtrinder-Erzeugergemeinschaft Hannover (ZEH). Till 1986 all cattle breeding associations of Lower-Saxony were connected to the VIT network. .
  • From 1989 till 1996 the development proceeded. Today all Holstein and Red-Holstein breeding associations as well as the Luxembourg breeding association are connected to the dialogue-herdbook keeping.
  • The basis of herdbook keeping is the tight connection of data betweeen milk recording and cattle insemination. Due to the milk recording, the calf registration and the performance research of cows is realized. The cattle insemination records ensure the certain fatherly pedigree.


In the center of our service offer stands the care and handling of the herdbook files and the support in selling and showing of animals.
With our selection programm we offer a decisive help to the cattle breeding associations for making up and realizing their breeding aim.
Besides, with a range of evaluations, statistics, the management of co-operative members and the settling of membership fees we offer a diverse support in administration work.
Having questions to matters of our daily work or special problems, our customers can rely on competent contact persons any time.

Our Customers

The following herdbook associations are using our service:

  • Rinderzucht Schleswig-Holstein e.G.(RSH), Neumünster
  • Rinderzucht Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH (RMV), Woldegk and Karow
  • Zuchtrinder-Erzeugergemeinschaft Hannover e.G. (ZEH), Verden
  • Rinderproduktion Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (RBB), Potsdam
  • Verein Ostfriesischer Stammviehzüchter u. Ostfries. Viehverwertung e.G. (VOST-OV), Leer
  • Weser-Ems-Union e.G. (WEU), Bad Zwischena
  • Osnabrücker Herdbuch e.G. (OHG), Melle
  • Rinderzuchtverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.G. (RSA), Stendal
  • Rinder-Union-West e.G. (RUW), Münster
  • Zucht- und Besamungsunion Hessen e.G. (ZBH), Alsfeld
  • Landesverband Thüringer Rinderzüchter e.G (LTR), Erfurt
  • Sächsischer Rinderzuchtverband e.G.(SRV), Dresden
  • Verband der Schwarz- und Rotbuntzüchter in Baden-Württemberg e.V. (SRV), Stuttgart
  • Zuchtverband Schwarzbunt und Rotbunt Bayern e.V. (SRB), Pfaffenhofen
  • Federation des Herdbooks, Ettelbruck (HL), Luxemburg
  • Verband Deutscher Jerseyzüchter e.V. (VDJ), Trier
  • Verband der Harzviehzüchter e.V., Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  • Verein hannoverscher Rotviehzüchter e.V., Neumünster